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Mr. Phan Ngia, AGE

Household size: 5


“We have the largest piece of land so we are the most affected by the project. We received compensation for 1 plot of garden and 2 plots of rice field. 1 plot of garden and 1 plot of rice field is also affected because the Chinese laborers put stones on the land, but we did not receive compensation for those. Since we lost the land, we don’t have enough rice for consumption.”


Mr. and Mrs. Ounkham, AGES

Household size: 5


I already received the compensation but it’s very low. It can’t even be used for my children’s education. In the past, before the project came, our rice production was sufficient for the whole year and we had a surplus to sell. Then when the project came, we lost 2 pieces of rice field and 3 pieces of garden and the rice production was reduced. Since then, the rice is just enough for consumption. We can’t sell rice at all.”


The way the authority comes to measure the area for compensation is wrong. They calculate the area of land but not what’s on the land or the opportunity cost of planting rice. Each year selling rice I can earn 10,000,000 kip. In 5 years, I could have earned 50,000,000 kip and the land is still there. I received 75,000,000 kip but the land is lost.”